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New Content: Nutrition, Careers, Cyber Life

This month Teen Health & Wellness launched close to two dozen new articles on topics ranging from nutrition to career preparation to cyber citizenship and cyber safety. Whether your teen users are looking for material on resume writing, networking, trans fats, processed food, online predators, or viruses and spam, they can turn to Teen Health & Wellness for the latest information.

Pew Research on YA Library Users

According to a joint study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, young adults are the most likely to use libraries in the future when they encounter problems: 40% of Gen Y (ages 18-30) said they would do so. This important user group also said that health issues were among the topics they are most likely to need information for. Teen Health & Wellness directly addresses the needs of this sizeable library user group by providing well researched, current, and on-target information on health and wellness topics.
     Post our latest Web ads on your siteEm-Dashon topics like peer pressure, substance abuse, and suicideEm-Dashto ensure your young adult patrons can easily access Teen Health & Wellness.

Curriculum Correlations

Teen Health & Wellness provides comprehensive curricular support with curriculum-aligned articles to supplement classroom instruction. All articles are closely aligned to state-based curriculum standards for health, physical education, science, and language arts, as well as to national standards. The Personal Story Project also supports writing across the curriculum by giving teens an opportunity to share their personal stories for online publication in the database.

Reviews, Awards and Testimonials

"Who needs Google? When my students use Teen Health & Wellness they find the excellent information they need simply and quickly, and have no interest in using Google. They love the database; the teachers love the database; and I couldn't be happier."
Em-DashCynthia M. Davis, School Library Media Specialist, East High School, Buffalo, NY

See the growing list of Teen Health & Wellness awards.

Library Spotlight

Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, AR

"The Fayetteville Public Library believes strongly in the message of Teen Health & Wellness. The library began promoting the resource by posting an image of the database on the library's Web site that links directly to the database, making it visible and easy for teens and other patrons to access. We also included information about the database on the back of our Teen Summer Reading Club calendar, which will be distributed to 5,000 area teens. The library created eye-catching posters that were distributed to area doctor and psychologist offices, health clinics, school nurses, mental health agencies, and other nonprofit and faith-based organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, the Rape Crisis Center, and the Boys and Girls Club. The Fayetteville Public Library vision statement challenges us to be 'powerfully relevant' to our community. Teen Health & Wellness is an exciting extension of the library's services."
Em-DashSarah Terry, Communications and Marketing Manager, Fayetteville Public Library, Library Journal 2005 "Library of the Year"

Teen Talk

In a recent homepage poll, Teen Health & Wellness asked teens: How many times a week do you eat fast food?

A whopping 85% of teens said that they eat fast food more than six times per week. And only four percent said that they don't eat fast food at all.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

Top Search Terms

What topics have teen users been reading about? Top search terms on Teen Health & Wellness for November and December include:

• Alcohol
• Cancer
• Cocaine
• Marijuana
• Obesity
• Steroids
• Stress
• Tobacco

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