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Teen Health and Wellness Newsletter Nov Dec
New and Noteworthy

Custom Bookmarks & Access Cards

Librarians asked, and Teen Health & Wellness answered! Bookmarks and access cards are now available in both public library and school library versions. These are now customized for public and school libraries so that your particular teen users know exactly how to best access your resource. Download your bookmarks and access cards from the Promotional Materials page of our Librarian Educator Resources.

Insightful Usage Reports

Usage reports are a valuable tool to help make sure you're getting the most from your Teen Health & Wellness subscription. Your usage reports can tell you how many people use your subscription, how much time they spend on the resource, and whether they're accessing it in the library or remotely. You can access your usage reports with your administrative username and password. And, if you want assistance with your usage reports, Customer Service is always here to help.

Interactive Dr. Jan Q&A

The "Ask Dr. Jan" Q&A component of Teen Health & Wellness has proved immensely popular, and teen users quickly indicated that they would like to be able to directly pose questions to Dr. Jan. We're pleased to announce that we can now offer your teens the opportunity to submit their own question to Dr. Jan.

Reviews, Awards and Testimonials

We are delighted to announce that Teen Health & Wellness has just been named Best New Product in The Charleston Advisor's 2007 Readers' Choice Awards.

And in October, Teen Health & Wellness won the ComputEd Center's 2007 EDDIE Award for best high school Web site, Life Skills category. The EDDIE, Annual Education Software Review Award, targets innovative and content-rich programs and Web sites that provide librarians, parents, and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence.

See the growing list of Teen Health & Wellness awards.

Library Spotlight

Mariner High School, Everett, Washington

Rosen Publishing awarded one year of free access to Teen Health & Wellness to a lucky winner at the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) annual conference in October. We are pleased to announce that our winner is Peggy Nystrom, Librarian, Mariner High School, Everett, WA.

Peggy is thrilled to make this important resource available to her teens, saying: "I am so excited to be the lucky winner of a one-year subscription to Rosen Publishing's Teen Health & Wellness database! My staff is equally enthusiastic. When I notified them, several responded that they were eager to use this wonderful resource with their students. A biology teacher said that the site was great--she was looking for resources for a biology unit on MRSA, and that was the first topic she saw when she accessed the site. Our home and family living teachers told me that it would be a great resource for their study of everything from family life to nutrition to psychology. Some health and physical education teachers will use it as a first site for students to access when looking for information for their research papers. Thank you again, from me and from my staff, for this very useful gift."

Ask Dr. Jan

Questions for Dr. Jan have been pouring in from teen users. Now it's your turn to get answers from this teen therapy expert. Email Dr. Jan for feedback on an issue facing teens in your community. If your question is selected, it will be featured in this section in an upcoming issue of the newsletter.

Teen Talk

In a recent homepage poll, Teen Health & Wellness asked teens: Should schools have the right to read students' cell phone text messages?

The results? The response suggests that students think their cell phone text messages are no one's business but their own. A resounding 86% said schools should not have the right to read students' cell phone text messages.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

Top Search Terms

What topics have teen users been reading about? Top search terms on Teen Health & Wellness for September and October include:

  • AIDS
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Smoking



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