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Call for Pricing

Teen Health & Wellness is committed to our
librariesand our teensin these tough economic times. That's why we're holding our prices at 2008 levels. Call us at (877) 381-6649 for your renewal rate or new subscription quote today!

New Content on Dating Violence, Cancer Screening

Teen Health & Wellness recently added content in critical "hot topic" areas such as dating violence, sexual health, new screening guidelines for breast cancer and cervical cancer, and the recession's effect on teen homelessness and domestic/family violence, among others. In addition, all articles now offer MLA 7 citations. Check back each week for updated homepage content including breaking "In the News" features, new polls, the latest Personal Stories, and more. As teens turn to libraries in even greater numbers for comprehensive, accessible information on these critical topics, Teen Health & Wellness meets a vital community need.

Customize Your Hotlines

With a few
simple steps, you can add your own content to accompany the list of national hotlines provided by Teen Health & Wellness. It's an easy way to ensure your teen users can access the local resources they need. Or, send us your thoughts on how you use Teen Health & Wellness in your library community andas a thank youwe'll create a customized Hotlines page just for you. Contact us to find out more.

Teens Connect Through Shared Experiences

Teen Health & Wellness helps teens connect with others dealing with the same challenges that they are. New Personal Stories speak to the strength and resilience of today's teens, while Dr. Jan's Corner reveals their pressing questions and concerns. And in response to customer demand, users can now access the extensive archive of Dr. Jan Q&As directly from the Teen Health & Wellness homepage.

Web 2.0 Tools...Coming This Spring!

Teen Health & Wellness is pleased to add two new powerful features to help you make the most of your subscription. A multi-language translation widget will allow users to translate any page into one of fifty-one languages, and article-level social bookmarking will make it easy for teens to save and share links using Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other popular bookmarking services. Libraries can further customize Teen Health & Wellness by choosing which language options to offer as well as which social bookmarking choices to displayfor the optimal user experience. Watch for the addition of videos and expanded illustrations coming soon!

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"Students doing research for assignments appreciate how easy the database is to navigate; that the information is presented in accessible, teen-friendly language; and the built-in citations. As a librarian serving high-risk urban youth, I appreciate how Teen Health & Wellness offers my students answers to the personal questions they won't or don't know how to ask."
Sylvie Shaffer, Librarian, Parkside Campus, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy

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"Rich, authoritative information...a simply amazing resource. The features of the database are numerous and thought-provoking." American Libraries

"In addition to expanded content, recent enhancements provide more interactivity for teens and more useful tools for librarians and teachers...Excellent." Booklist

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In a recent homepage poll, Teen Health & Wellness asked teens: How do you relax and reduce stress?

Two in five (39%) say they read, watch TV, listen to music, or play video games. Twenty-four percent (24%) exercise or play sports. Twelve percent (12%) talk to friends or other people they trust; seven percent (7%) practice yoga, tai chi, or meditation; and sixteen percent (16%) use another method of stress-relief.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

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What topics have teen users been reading about? Top search terms on Teen Health & Wellness for December and January include:

· Alcohol
· Bullying
· Depression
· Diabetes
· Marijuana
· Obesity
· Smoking
· Steroids
· Stress
· Suicide
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