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Visit Rosen Publishing and Teen Health & Wellness at Booth #4015 at the American Library Association (ALA) conference in Washington, D.C. See firsthand how Teen Health & Wellness is expanding in new and exciting ways this fall!
  • Video adds a new level of interactivity
  • Mobile app to connect anytime, anywhere
  • Expanded photos, illustrations, and charts
  • Health calculators for personalized tips
New "Hot Topic" Content

We've been busy adding new content to Teen Health & Wellness. Watch for more than fifty new articles on high interest topics such as the teen brain; concussions; being part of a military family; hate crimes; foster care; being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender; and more.

Teens can now instantly translate Teen Health & Wellness into Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Haitian Creole, and more using the Translation Widget. You'll find it in the upper right corner of every article. And don't forget to give our new social bookmarking tool a tryusers can now share article links with family and friends via Facebook and other social networking sites, and full articles can be viewed with no login required.

"It's Your Cause" Video Contest Winners

From internet safety to eating disorders and green living, teens responded to our first "It's Your Cause" Video Contest by creating a PSA (public service announcement) on a Teen Health & Wellness topic of their choiceand their submissions were imaginative and inspiring! Bridgeport Public Library (CT) was selected to win a free twelve-month subscription to the database. Youth Services Coordinator Nancy Sweeney was thrilled to share the good news with her teens, saying: "The teens worked as a team in the library to create this video message with some small guidance from myself and one of my fellow librarians. This is their first time doing a video production, and part of the reason I showed them the "It's Your Cause" contest was to motivate them to do more video in the future, as well as get them actively involved with your Teen Health & Wellness database. They all learned a lot. The teens are very excited to have their video published online for others to view. I would like to keep the momentum going."

Four teen videographers from across the U.S. were selected at random to receive an iPod Shuffle. All videos will be published on Teen Health & Wellness this summer. Congratulations to our winners!

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Teen Health & Wellness is proud to announce that the State of Louisiana has selected the database as a state-wide resource as part of the "Louisiana Libraries Connecting People to Their Potential" project. Starting on June 1, the database will be available to all Louisiana citizens.

"Teenagers and young adults are the fastest growing users of public library resources. Teen Health & Wellness allows public libraries to provide these young patrons a safe place to go to find accurate, clear, and easily accessible health and life skills information. In addition to personal growth, Teen Health & Wellness is a wonderful resource for homework help and research."
Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian, State Library of Louisiana

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In a recent homepage poll, Teen Health & Wellness asked teens: Do you set goals for your future?

The responses were almost equally split: 30 percent of teens said they had a life plan, while 36 percent said they don't plan ahead. Seventeen percent said they had a plan for after high school, and 14 percent plan only for the near future.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

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What topics have teen users been reading about? Top search terms on Teen Health & Wellness for March and April include:

• Alcohol
• Cocaine
• Date rape
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Marijuana
• Obesity
• Steroids
• Suicide
• Teen pregnancy
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