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NEW Student-Created Content

The "It's Your Cause" Video Challenge (IYC) is in full swing! We have just added 24 new student-created videos to the database. Teens from The Shelton School, Texas, and Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School, New York, created the videos for Health and Language Arts class projects. Browse the video archive page to see these new contributions. Topics range from drugs and alcohol to dealing with your parents and from volunteering and activism to and critical writing skills.

We've also added new personal stories submitted to the Personal Story Project. Find new stories by teens on Death, Drug and Alcohol Abuse In Your Family, Leadership, Recovering From an Eating Disorder, and Self-Esteem and Confidence in the personal story archive.

The SLJ Teen Newsletter just profiled the IYC Video Challenge. So what are you waiting for⎯your teens could become published authors by contributing a video PSA or personal story. These projects are perfect for your teen advisory board or health, language arts, or science class. For more information, visit the Librarian/Educator Resources for contest rules and prizes.

For renewals or a price quote, 12-month or multi-year, call Rosen Online Customer Care at 877.381.6649 or visit teenhealthandwellness.com.

Resources for Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that April is Financial Literacy Month? Teen Health & Wellness has a devoted Budgeting and Money Management section that can support your financial literacy programs or lessons.
Articles include First Bank Account and First Investments, First Budget, First Credit Cards, Financial Challenges for Teen Parents, and Budgeting and Money Management. Most articles include video, and we even have an interactive budget calculator that teens can use to balance their own expenses!

NEW Bullying Prevention PowerPoint Available

Bullying is still a hot topic in school news; President Obama and the First Lady just organized a conference on bullying prevention on March 10th. According to the White House, one-third of the nation's students (13 million!) have been bullied.

Want to know how Teen Health & Wellness can help? We've built a Bullying Prevention PowerPoint presentation for you to share with your colleagues or customize to address your community needs. The slideshow highlights myths and facts about bullying and cyberbulling, how Teen Health & Wellness can help, and how students can take action. Download the file now from the Librarian/Educator Resources.

Librarians saying

"This site has an incredible amount of information available on health and mental health topics for teens, parents, and teachers. It is intuitive and the publisher is clearly committed to updating the site on a regular basis to keep it current and relevant. With all of the issues facing young adults today, parents, teachers, and librarians will be glad to have a reliable and informative place to send students with their health and social concerns. This site is highly recommended for junior high, high school, and public libraries."
American Reference Books Annual (February 2011)

Library Spotlight

Students from Lafayette Junior Senior High School produced 17 of the new student-created videos recently added to Teen Health & Wellness. Library Media Specialist Marcie Mann and health teacher partner Heather Amidon collaborated to incorporate the "It's Your Cause" Video Challenge in the end-of-the-semester capstone project on illegal drugs.

Lafayette Junior Senior High School is a member of New York's OCM BOCES school system. The students were able to script and produce one-minute PSAs using Teen Health & Wellness, a resource available through OCM BOCES' School Library System, and flip video cameras, loaned to them by BOCES. To read more about Lafayette's success with the "It's Your Cause" Video Challenge, check out the newsletter feature on the OCM BOCES site.

The Rosen Online family has expanded with the launch of PowerKids Life Science, an online resource designed for learners in Grades 3 - 6. PowerKids Life Science promotes digital literacy and 21st-century learning skills while offering research, report, and homework help. Help your students "Think Like a Scientist." For a FREE TRIAL or price quote, visit pklifescience.com.

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