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Summer Reading Planning

Use our recommended reading lists of award-winning fiction and nonfiction books (found in every entry) to suggest summer reading ideas to your teens and to generate book talk ideas. You can also tie your creative writing initiatives to Teen Health & Wellness and encourage your teens to exercise their creative muscles by writing personal stories for publication on the site. Looking for ways to connect with those hard-to-reach teens reluctant to pick up a book? Don't forget your online resources; they're "reading" too.

Updated Resource Lists

Students now have access to even more recommendations of credible, authoritative sources for further information on a subject. The resource lists for each entry on the site have been updated with additional national and international organizations For an example, see our entry on ADD/ADHD.

New Lesson Plans

Librarians and teachers can use Teen Health & Wellness lesson plans to support their programs on health, science, physical education, and language arts. Integrate the database into your classes and motivate students to learn. Lesson plans are available on topics such as driver education, budgeting and money management, body systems, and sexual health. All entries are correlated to state and national curriculum standards. These exciting new lesson plans have been proven successful and are created by educators for educators.

Homepage Archive Pages

In response to customer demand, all previous homepage content is now just a click away. From the Teen Health & Wellness homepage, you can access archive pages that contain past high-interest features. See earlier top new stories, past polls and results, previous fun and interesting facts, and more.

Reviews, Awards and Testimonials

"My high school's health and physical education department's one-hour Webinar on Teen Health & Wellness was a solid introduction to this marvelous resource. Teachers' understanding of what the database has to offer them and their students has improved, and has led to much higher student and teacher usage. My seniorsEm-Dashall 600 of themEm-Dashare using [the database] as a main resource for their culminating Senior Health Project."
Em-DashSophie Brookover, MISt, Librarian, Eastern Regional Senior High School, Voorhees, NJ

Library Spotlight

The Lee County Library System continues to find ways to promote Teen Health & Wellness as a valuable resource to its patrons. Designated as a "Fit for Life" library system, Lee County places great emphasis on giving teens the information and resources they need to get active and to keep them informed about their health.

"I was intrigued that we will be able to add local community hotline numbers. I will work with our E Branch librarian to make this happen. We've received the .pdf files for the Teen Health & Wellness brochure and bookmark. We're going to tweak the size of the fonts and increase the size of the name of the database on the bookmark and distribute them to all branches. Thank you all again for the WebinarEm-Dashit helps to hear about the enhancements and reminds staff what a powerful and useful tool they have at the touch of a few clicks."
Em-DashDiane Lettieri, Youth Collection Development, Lee County Library System, Fort Myers, FL

Teen Talk

In a recent homepage poll, Teen Health & Wellness asked teens: Have you ever texted while driving?

The majority of teens say: Yes. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of teens with a driver's license report having texted while behind the wheel, while a mere 2% said they have not. One quarter (25%) of respondents said they do not drive.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

Top Search Terms

What topics have teen users been reading about? Top search terms on Teen Health & Wellness for January and February include:

· Alcohol
· Anorexia
· Child Abuse
· Depression
· Diabetes
· Marijuana
· Obesity
· Schizophrenia
· Steroids
· Suicide

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