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The news reports about bullying incidents remain deeply disturbing. Beyond the immediate emotional trauma, the strain of bullying can lead to depression or worse, suicide. And, as we have seen, these tragic incidents affect not just one teen, but also an entire community. A recent mandate by the FCC requires schools receiving subsidies for Internet service to teach students about cyberbullying and the responsible use of social networking sites.

Teen Health & Wellness is a key resource for students, teachers, administrators, and parents for building a safe, caring, and healthy community. The articles, personal stories, and Dr. Jan Q&As create a common vocabulary and provide a set of tools to understand and address issues of bullying, cyber ethics, depression, suicide, and school violence, as well as support a diverse student population, including GLBT teens.

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I can't recommend Rosen's Teen Health & Wellness database strongly enough! We use it for our health classes, sociology and psychology classes⎯and the students use it for themselves. Student use for their own concerns and inquiry is VERY important, IMHO. The school nurse, counselors, psychologist, and other staff appreciate it, too, and often recommend it to parents as well as students.
⎯Sara Kelly Johns, Lake Placid Middle/Senior High School, NY

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A recent homepage poll asked teens: Have you ever experienced discrimination from your school or peers?

Fifty-six percent of teens responded no, while forty-three percent said they have experienced discrimination.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

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· Bullying
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· Suicide
· Caffeine
· Alcohol
· Bipolar disorder
· Anorexia
· Leukemia
· Schizophrenia

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