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NEW and EXPANDED for Fall 2010

The Teen Health & Wellness team has been "heads down" this summer to expand the award-winning online resource. The A+ homework and self-help database is now more robust, more interactive, and simply more "amazing."

New for Fall 2010:
  • Instant translation into over 50 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Haitian Creole
  • Site optimized for Smartphones for access anywhere, anytime
  • Videos throughout, including student-created PSAs, add a new level of interactivity
  • Calculators give personalized tips and information on Body Mass Index, Blood Alcohol Content, Budgets, and more
  • Expanded photos, illustrations, and charts
  • Social bookmarking allows users to share article links with friends and family
To access the NEW Teen Health & Wellness features, functionality, and content, log onto your subscription today. If you are not already a subscriber, there is no better time to make Teen Health & Wellness available to your community. For a price quote or to renew access, call Rosen Online Customer Care at 877.381.6649 or visit

Spread the World Back-to-School Kit

Spread the word about the NEW Teen Health & Wellness with our special Back-to-School Kit. Posters, brochures, bookmarks, and widgets are ready for you to download and use. Need materials printed or customized with your library name or URL? We'll do that for you! Just contact us and let us know what quantities of posters, brochures, or bookmarks you'd like, the date needed, and the mailing address.

From bullying to green living to financial literacy, today's teens face challenges that affect their lives. Use the Back-to-School Kit to let students, teachers, and administrators know that for trusted informationfrom library or homethey can count on Teen Health & Wellness.

Librarians saying

[Teen Health & Wellness] is extremely accessible and the information provided is "hip," up-to-date, and grounded in science and medicine...I really think that, by including student voices in the database, the purely fact-driven database model recedes and a more interactive, end-user interface is created.
Charles O'Bryan, School Library System, Director, DCMO BOCES, NY

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In a recent homepage poll, Teen Health & Wellness asked teens: Have you ever copied someone else's work for a school assignment?

63 percent of teens responded that yes, they had copied someone else's work, while 37 percent said they had not.

See what teens are saying in the current homepage poll.

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What topics have teen users been reading about? Top search terms on Teen Health & Wellness this summer include:

· Autism
· Depression
· Diabetes
· Exercise
· Hypochondria
· Panic Disorder
· Peer Pressure
· Phobia
· Schizophrenia

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